oggetto libro

The exhibition Oggetto Libro, organized by Susanna Vallebona, shows the comparison between book design and artist’s book. The jury, composed by members from Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense, Mediateca Santa Teresa and from Aiap, selected 40 design books among 200 proposals. Between this selection there’s also our book see nothing volume due, which has been exhibited and published on the prestigious exhibition’s catalogue.

cape town design


After Milan and Madrid (2007), Istanbul (2010), Pechino e Nantou (2010), Bilbao, San Francisco and Santiago del Cile (2013), the exhibition Il nuovo design italiano managed by La Triennale di Milano Design Museum with the supervision of Silvana Annicchiarico, arrives in Cape Town during the Cape Town World Design Capital 2014. The exhibition shows the works of 133 Italian designers (including 20 graphic designer) which represent the state of contemporary italian design. We are glad to be part of this world tour with our projects.

mostra trento

We take part in the Contemporary Italian Social and Cultural Communication Design exhibition (Trento), as part of the Piccolo Festival dell’Arte, with two of our designs on display there. The exhibition assembles a selection of posters designed by the most famous and innovative Italian graphic designers, and aims to focus on the social and cultural commitment aspect and visual communication.

the new italian design 2.0

Triennale Design Museum presents an expanded and updated to 2013 version of the exhibition The New Italian Design: a survey on contemporary Italian design, a path analysis, enhancement and promotion of the new Italian creativity. The exhibition presents works by 132 designers, including some album covers that we realized in recent years for Elio e le Storie Tese.

IF innovation festival milano


We are invited by Carmi e Ubertis to attend to boxing design, encounter/clash between culture and innovation organized by Dalia Gallico during the IF Innovation Festival.

la mano del grafico


In April, an exhibition entitled The Hand of the Graphic Designer open to the public. It is promoted by FAI – Italy’s National Trust. The original idea is by Francesca Serrazanetti and Matteo Schubert, who coordinate the initiative with scientific supervision from Pietro Corraini. We are among the 108 prominent contemporary graphic designers from all over the world who donated sketches to the campaign. All of the drawings are meant to be auctioned off or sold directly, and the proceeds will be used to help pay for maintenance work at Villa Necchi Campiglio and the restoration of a number of old books from Masino Castle’s historical library.

italia e russia

Two of our projects are shiwn at The Best of Contemporary Italian Social and Cultural Graphic Design exhibition. Organised by Cristina Chiappini and Sasha Sankova, the exhibition takes part in the official programme for the Year of Russian Culture and Language in Italy and the Year of Italian Culture and Language in Russia – 2011, summoned by the Italian and Russian Ministries of Culture. The designs on display, created by 36 selected Italian designers and studios, intend to mirror the contemporary visual language of Italy.

rock art


We take part in the Italian Poster Rock Art exhibition which take place in May at the Villa Pacchiani Multipurpose Cultural Centre in Santa Croce sull’Arno, in the province of Pisa, with a number of designs created by our studio for the band Elio e Le Storie Tese over the last few years.



150_150_150 is an exhibition organised by Mario Piazza to celebrate the anniversary of the unification of Italy. 150 graphic designers were asked to design an image with the number 150 as its theme. The end result, which also included our own design, was a huge exhibition which became a collective reflexion of images representing what our country is today, conveying both its good and bad qualities.

> see poster

brno 2008

During the 23rd International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 2008, an international jury assigns the award The Icograda Excellence Award to our project see nothing volume due. The submissions for the international competition include works by nearly 400 artists; out of them works by 162 artists from 27 countries were selected. Our project has been awarded for the perfect achievement, design with supranational impact, compact, complex, conceptual.

the new italian design

The opening of The New Italian Design – Il paesaggio mobile del nuovo design italiano takes place at the Triennale di Milano on January.
The exhibition pursues the intent to investigate the state-of-the-art of the design through the analysis of the new Italian design. Our studio’ work is selected among 600 candidates and displayed at the exhibition together with other 124 designer’ elaborates, spanning across all the design segments.


AIAP (Associazione Italiana per la Progettazione Visiva) selects our book see nothing volume due to participate to the Aiap Community contest. The contest is open to Graphics and Designers and aims to identify and enlight the best Italian Communication Projects. Our work, among other 50 Graphic’s, is presented in Aosta during the association annual congress.


The show “Alba. Nuovi manifesti Italiani” opened in Firenze on the occasion of Festival della Creatività. The show is produced by Socialdesignzine with intellectual and financial sponsorship of Aiap and Regione Toscana. By presenting more than hundred posters created in Italy after the year 2000, the show is meant to be a recognition of the current status of the poster art. Few projects of ours are displayed together with the works of other 42 graphics selected among the most representative in the national scene.

pecha kucha

Pecha-Kucha Night was born in 2003 in Tokio, as design-themed evening. Artists, architects and graphic designers are invited to present to the audience their creations and ideas by displaying 20 slides for 20 seconds each.
In occasion of the first evening in Milano hosted by the Triennale Bovisa we are invited to talk about our projects, together with internationally renowned designers and architects like Patricia Urquiola and Astrid Piber by UNstudio.


Four projects of ours are selected and displayed at the 22nd International Biennale of Graphic Design 2006 in Brno, among the world’ most qualified graphic art event where projects, opinions and trends meet and compare.
The selected works are about posters designed for the contemporary art shows america remixed and salon de refusés as well as promotional material created for our studio.

united design



The poster we designed in 2004 to communicate clients our new address was shown in the second International Design Biennale organised by Hanyang university (Corea) and promoted by ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Association).
The project was also included in the Biennale’s catalogue.


The open-air display Posterama is organised by the streets of Bruxelles
on occasion of the Biennial festival of the arts and culture Europalia. Between mid September and late October 2003 more than 800 Italian posters designed for several cultural events had been bill-boarded by the streets of the town.
Our studio participated with the posters created for the contemporary art shows america remixed and salon de refusés.

fabbrica del vapore


The city of Milan organizes an international pitch for the brand identity design of La Fabbrica del Vapore. The fabrica will become the meeting point of young Milaneses artists. Our project is awarded for merit and shown in the exhibition organized for the opening.



Albachiara and the Association of Illustrators organizes IllustraCinema, a design contest for Giuseppe Piccioni and Silvio Soldini’s new movies posters. Our project is selected and shown in the exhibition at the Anteo Spaziocinema in Milan.