adi design index



Tow of our projects are selected by the Osservatorio Permanente sul Design and published in the ADI Design Index 2002 a showcase volume of the best of the italian graphic design of 2001. The works are: the communication done for the  cultural happening on & on and a serie of cd designs done for pop bands lollipop and sottotono.


“On & On. …The work done by Jekyll & hyde is an exeption.
For a musical event, they demonstrate an ability to co-ordinate and meditate visual thinking about the topics to be communicated.
This is a measured design, personal in style and above all alert to the contents of the message.”


“Lollipop e Sottotono. …Jekyll & Hyde’s designs for music CDs constitute a significant attempt at keeping the disciplinary content of design at a high level, even if the product aims at an easy market for very commercial artists. …”