The Widiba institutional font has been awarded by the american magazine Print for the Typography & Lettering Awards 2016, in the categories of Typeface design. The giury has selected the best projects among 350 submitted from all around the world.

oggetto libro

The exhibition Oggetto Libro, organized by Susanna Vallebona, shows the comparison between book design and artist’s book. The jury, composed by members from Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense, Mediateca Santa Teresa and from Aiap, selected 40 design books among 200 proposals. Between this selection there’s also our book see nothing volume due, which has been exhibited and published on the prestigious exhibition’s catalogue.

new signage design



The wayfinding project we realized for SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design is published in the volume New Signage Design – Connecting People & Spaces by the chinese publisher Sandu Publishing. This book collects the latest wayfinding project from all over the world, focusing on those that integrate and dialogue better with the architecture of the hosting building.

type player 3

Chinese publisher Sandu Publishing publishes the book Type Player 3 which collects projects linked to the most creative typography expressions. In this volume you can find the visual identity project we realized for True Stories exhibition in the Scuola Politecnica di Design.

gallery 33



Our wayfinding project for SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design has been selected and published by Gallery – the world’s best graphics magazine on 33 issue.

turn left, turn right



The wayfinding project realized for SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design has been published in the Turn left, Turn right volume edited by Designerbooks. The book, which collect wayfinding works from all over the world, focus on the public spaces such as museums, schools, libraries, parks and hospitals.

communication arts



The American magazine Communication Arts selected and prized the wayfinding project we realized for the SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design for the Typographic Annual 5. The project appears in the Enviromental Graphics section, which include 1800 projects from all over the world.

istd award



The wayfinding project we realized for SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design is selected for the Typographic Awards 2014 by the International Society of Typographic Designer and it’s prized with a Certificate of Excellence in the Exhibition Design/Signage Systems.

graphic design x100


The Swiss editor Braun dedicates a double spread inside the publication Graphic Design x100. The book brings together a collection of designers and illustrators who present their work as well as designing the double page which features them. The result is a book full of extremely variable and surprising compositions.

packaging structure

In Art of package and structure, the Chinese editor Art Power collect a wide selection of creative packaging from all over the world, including our design for bikeribbon. For each pack displayed, not only is the graphical aspect presented, but also all the paper solutions that were used are presented in detail.


brand! vol 5



Brand! VOL.5 – Creation and Design Process is a book of over 500 pages, published by ooogo Publishing. The book is a collection of the most important international brand identity designs from the last few years, from which our designs were also selected for TAF.

the new italian design 2.0

Triennale Design Museum presents an expanded and updated to 2013 version of the exhibition The New Italian Design: a survey on contemporary Italian design, a path analysis, enhancement and promotion of the new Italian creativity. The exhibition presents works by 132 designers, including some album covers that we realized in recent years for Elio e le Storie Tese.


We are invited by Polyedra to attend Italian design is coming home. To Switzerland. This project involves 22 Italian and Swiss design firms that should work in couples in order to celebrate the present the past and the future of the close cooperation between Italian and Swiss designers with a poster. The results of this project are published in a book distributed by the Swiss publisher ActarBirkauserD.

selected B

The Spanish publisher Index Book select and includes our project True Stories in Selected B – graphic design from Europe, a book containing some of the most interesting graphic design initiatives in Europe in 2010.


The visual identity we realized for the expo True Stories, organized by the Scuola Politecnica di Design is among the winners of the award The Creativity + Commerce. The award is organized by the American magazine Print which has selected 26 international projects, among those that have been capable of merging business needs and creativity in the same project.

in effect

The publisher of Dopress Book publishes one of our projects in the volume In effect. The book presents a selection of innovative uses of materials and prting processes, through a selection of international works.

la mano del grafico


In April, an exhibition entitled The Hand of the Graphic Designer open to the public. It is promoted by FAI – Italy’s National Trust. The original idea is by Francesca Serrazanetti and Matteo Schubert, who coordinate the initiative with scientific supervision from Pietro Corraini. We are among the 108 prominent contemporary graphic designers from all over the world who donated sketches to the campaign. All of the drawings are meant to be auctioned off or sold directly, and the proceeds will be used to help pay for maintenance work at Villa Necchi Campiglio and the restoration of a number of old books from Masino Castle’s historical library.

design and design



Our project for MUST magazine is included in the Design and Design Book of the Year 3. It features 730 graphic design and product design projects that have been selected by the website throughout 2010 from the work by designers from more than 160 countries all over the world.

mid fi

Spanish publishers Index Book releases Mid-Fi, a book documenting the recent changes in several graphic designers’ perceptions of the computer: it is no longer the only tool we use, but one of many. Mid-Fi is an exploration into this approach, where modern technology is combined with the most traditional of techniques, bringing together the best of both worlds: Low-Fi and Hi-Fi. Our mandala project is published in this book too.

colour party

Chinese publishers Dopress Book publishes two of our designs in the book Colour Party – Colours in Brand Corporate Identity. The book contains a collection of works from 50 designers chosen from all over the world. Its theme is colour, which is considered to be one of the most effective tools for creating a brand’s visual identity.


The American publisher Rockport releases Brand Identity Essentials, 100 Principles for Designing Logos and Building Brands. It uses international examples to outline the basic principles for putting together successful brand identities. The brand that we designed for altreforme is included in the book.

fashion graphics

The Chinese publisher Page One releases Fashion Graphic, a book containing a selection of particularly well designed and innovative promotional materials (such as invitations, look books, advertisements and packaging) realized by more than 100 fashion brands. It contains our entire project for RH Milano.



A number of our projects in the field of self-promotion are included in volume 16, issue 4 (August/September) of the IdN international design and creativity magazine. 25 international designers are selected to represent the best of this kind of production, which is one of the most important aspects of our work; through it we are able to experiment with and demonstrate our approach to the profession.

> idn world


The Chinese press Sandu publishes some of our projects in its Form – Book & Promotion volume, a collection of recent projects involving promotional books and printed matter, a presentation of the artistic value and creativity of these traditional forms of communication at their very best.

young blood

Our studio is included in the Young Blood 08 annual showcase event for Italian talent which had received worldwide awards. The publication brings together these creative award winners in a sort of survey of emerging talent destined to have a profound effect on the industry and culture. Artists and other creative talent are evidence of the capacity of a country to find new energies and stimuli which can in turn help it to impress its vision on the international market.


The Japanese publisher Pie Books includes our project for altreforme in its book Identity Designs. The volume contains a complete, coordinated collection of projects from all over the world. They have been selected as the best representatives of visual identities applied to and designed for the various media channels.


We realize the cover page of ddn free n. 5, the design magazine distributed by Design Diffusion Edizioni, where an interview to our studio is published. The cover is an image teaser of the mandala project used to illustrate this article. All individual elements used to actually build the mandala, were vectorial redesigned and overlapped one to the other, with different shades of gray, exactly the opposite of the way they look in reality.


The see nothing volume due project is published in the book Nullaosta, graphic design scale new heights – AIAP editions. The book contains projects by 50 Italian designers selected from among AIAP members and presented during the annual convention of the association in 2007.


The Japanese publisher Pie Books features our project for altreforme in the book Works In Progress. Readers are introduced to various projects through a look at the sketches, the presentations and all of the changes necessary in order to go from the concept to the final result.

brno 2008

During the 23rd International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 2008, an international jury assigns the award The Icograda Excellence Award to our project see nothing volume due. The submissions for the international competition include works by nearly 400 artists; out of them works by 162 artists from 27 countries were selected. Our project has been awarded for the perfect achievement, design with supranational impact, compact, complex, conceptual.

the new italian design

The opening of The New Italian Design – Il paesaggio mobile del nuovo design italiano takes place at the Triennale di Milano on January.
The exhibition pursues the intent to investigate the state-of-the-art of the design through the analysis of the new Italian design. Our studio’ work is selected among 600 candidates and displayed at the exhibition together with other 124 designer’ elaborates, spanning across all the design segments.




ICOGRADA – The International Council of Graphic Design Associations- displays in its virtual gallery the logotype and the corporate identity that we created for HTC – High Tech Computer Corp.

xtreme italian brochure



Red Publishing editor, published the book Xtreme and graphix italian brochures, a nice set of designs, either as graphic designs or research of new materials and special formats.
Our company brochure was selected and published inside this publication.

paper ideas


An interview given by our studio is published by cartiere Fedrigoni web site in its news section.
The page is granted by the Artlab editorial staff and its European correspondent and offers news, info’s and interviews to the International Graphic design protagonists.


The German prestigious graphic design magazine Novum publishes an interview given by our studio in the August release.
The article has been illustrated by images from many projects we realized during last years like the Scuola Politecnica di Design, moco web site, granataimages identity and the advertising for RH.


The show “Alba. Nuovi manifesti Italiani” opened in Firenze on the occasion of Festival della Creatività. The show is produced by Socialdesignzine with intellectual and financial sponsorship of Aiap and Regione Toscana. By presenting more than hundred posters created in Italy after the year 2000, the show is meant to be a recognition of the current status of the poster art. Few projects of ours are displayed together with the works of other 42 graphics selected among the most representative in the national scene.

ed award



A project we produced for the Scuola Politecnica di Design di Milano was selected among the finalists for the flyer section of the European Design Awards 2007. Representatives of the best 12 European sector magazines form the panel of judges of the contest which aim is the reward for the graphic project quality, the illustration and the multimedia production.


Four projects of ours are selected and displayed at the 22nd International Biennale of Graphic Design 2006 in Brno, among the world’ most qualified graphic art event where projects, opinions and trends meet and compare.
The selected works are about posters designed for the contemporary art shows america remixed and salon de refusés as well as promotional material created for our studio.


ICOGRADA – The International Council of Graphic Design Associations- displays in its virtual gallery the logotype and the coordinated image that we created for Antonio Maniscalco.

brochure parade



Our self promotional brochure (designed in 2005) was selected by Happy books (italian publisher) to be published in Brochure Parade.
The volume was a showcases of projects done by a selection of 100 italian design studios.

free graphic

In its series of design books, the Italian editor Lupetti published a volume named Free Graphics – La grafica fuori delle regole nell’era digitale di Dario Russo.
The designers explored in the book, presented their projects produced by digital technologies that develop high communication languages and symbols. Two original fonts of ours were published in the book.


American magazine Print selects and publishes two of our works in its “the best of European graphic design” (May-June) special edition. The projects are: the catalogue we did for minottiitalia trading and our poster/card moving announcement.


On the occasion of the 13th International Design Competition, the Gloss catalogue we did for minottiitalia trading is awarded for merit and published on the american graphic design magazine How (April). The project has been selected amongst the 4500 entries from all over the world, along with 232 other works.



International graphic design magazine Lineagrafica (January/February-issue number 355) publishes an article entitled “the effective communication” about our studio and our latest works.
“Any design project needs to vary according to the objectives of the communication. Creativity and design knowledge are both involved in this prosess. Effective communication is about experimenting with new visual languages and following design rules at the same time.
… Jekyll & Hyde is a graphic design studio that always works with this idea in mind. Their creativity and ability to adapt the communication to the client’s needs should never be taked for granted. …”

united design



The poster we designed in 2004 to communicate clients our new address was shown in the second International Design Biennale organised by Hanyang university (Corea) and promoted by ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Association).
The project was also included in the Biennale’s catalogue.




The brand identity project done for ASUS italy is published in Aiap Community 0.1 (AIAP editions). The volume includes projects done by 50 italian graphic designers chosen amongst Aiap associates. The works have been presented during the annual associates meeting in 2003.




Our corporate identity is selected and published in: Identify – Builiding brand through letterheads, logos and business cards, written by Charlotte Rivers and published by english editor RotoVision.

no brief



One of our works is selected and published in: No BRIEF: graphic designer’s personal project, written by John o’Really and published by english editor RotoVision.



Tow of our projects are selected by the Osservatorio Permanente sul Design and published in the ADI Design Index 2002 a showcase volume of the best of the italian graphic design of 2001. The works are: the communication done for the  cultural happening on & on and a serie of cd designs done for pop bands lollipop and sottotono.


“On & On. …The work done by Jekyll & hyde is an exeption.
For a musical event, they demonstrate an ability to co-ordinate and meditate visual thinking about the topics to be communicated.
This is a measured design, personal in style and above all alert to the contents of the message.”


“Lollipop e Sottotono. …Jekyll & Hyde’s designs for music CDs constitute a significant attempt at keeping the disciplinary content of design at a high level, even if the product aims at an easy market for very commercial artists. …”

ed award

The European Design Annual publishes a multimedia cd we did for editor Mc Graw Hill.
The work is selected amongst 3000 entries along with 400 other projects from 24 countries. We also recieve the Certificate of Design Excellent for multimadia design.